CUNA Encourages “Don’t Tax My CU Tuesday”

This coming Friday, July 26th, is the last day for Senators to submit their recommendations on tax reform to the Senate Finance Committee. In turn, the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee will take those ideas along with their own and begin to draft a proposal for comprehensive US tax reform.

CUNA urges credit unions and their supporters to tweet their lawmakers on Tuesday, July 23rd. Trey Hawkins, Vice President of CUNA Political Affairs said, “Tuesday is a terrific opportunity to get everyone to send one tweet or one Facebook post to their senators and House members, reminding them that we are paying attention to their actions.”

You can participate by tweeting your lawmaker or tagging them in a Facebook post using the hashtag #DontTaxMyCU.

After you tweet, tell us about it by tweeting @CU_Rx then continue to follow us for regulatory updates and other information.

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FTC’s New COPPA Rule is in Effect

The FTC has acted on more than 2 years of research allowing parents to have more control of the information collected from their children while online. The new rule widens the definition of personal information to include persistent identifiers such as cookies, photos and videos.

The revised COPPA Rule addresses the changing behavior of kids who can now access the internet through a variety of different mobile devices as well as their increased use of social media.

If your credit union operates a kid friendly portion of its website or other similar applications you may want to familiarize yourself with the updated rule. Even if your credit union doesn’t collect information regulated under COPPA, you may wish to read up on this if you have children under 13 in your home.

You can read more about the rule here and access the parent’s resource guide as well as a FAQ area.

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